Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon

then and now

Nigel began writing while still a student and subsequently published poems and short stories in the UK, the USA and in France. He toured the UK performing at poetry and poetry & jazz readings with the New Departures Group. Nigel’s interest in film took him to the London School of Film Technique. During that year Nigel made the cult-movie Syd’s First Trip – a film of Syd Barrett high on magic mushrooms in the Gog Magog Hills near Cambridge. In the same year Nigel also filmed Pink Floyd sealing their first recording contract with EMI.

From film school he joined the industry as a trainee editor working on TV commercials, then moved to the BBC as an editor, cutting dramas and documentaries. Nigel formed his first production company, Green Back Films, with the record sleeve design company, Hipgnosis, as partners. They worked on music promotions for Donovan, Pink Floyd, 10cc, Squeeze, Rainbow, Joe Cocker, Big Country, Wings and Paul Young, producing ground-breaking and award-winning commercials and pop videos

He later joined the creative team at the Central Office of Information, writing and directing for the international TV documentary series This Week in Britain and Living Tomorrow.

Nigel is recognised for his ability to make difficult and technical subjects accessible through his exciting and thought-provoking films. His most outstanding work includes an acclaimed series of films for the UK’s Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, Saving the Children, a television documentary on women who work for children’s’ charities.

He also directed The Bobby Charlton Story, Reflections, Satguru, Rainbow – Live Between the Eyes and the series Whatever You Want for the UK’s Channel Four.

He then wrote and directed documentaries for Glaxo, Heinz, Ford, Schering, Diphar and Lederle; training programmes for the Inland Revenue, DHSS and the Halifax; Sales Promotions for the Electricity Council, the Waterways Board, Acrow and Peugeot Talbot; and Corporate Communications for BAA Gatwick, VCI, Lloyds of London, Black and Decker, BT, Ciba Geigy and NatWest, Midland and Barclays banks.

Gordon Films was founded in 1995.

Nigel’s television documentary The Colours of Infinity, a one-hour film presented by Sir Arthur C. Clarke on the discovery of the Mandelbrot Set and the development of Fractal Geometry, has thus far been broadcast in over thirty territories world-wide and in four languages. It is available on video in the UK, the USA, Australia and throughout Europe. Colours was broadcast on Channel Four in the UK. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd wrote and recorded the music for this production.

Following the success of Colours Nigel has since written, produced and directed the broadcast documentary Is God a Number? This science documentary looks at the mystery of consciousness and the relationship between maths, the mind and the physical, observable universe. Nigel then made Clouds are not Spheres, a biographical broadcast documentary on the life and work of the mathematician, Benoît Mandelbrot.

Recently Nigel completed directing his first feature film Remember a Day, which is currently making the rounds of the festivals. In this rock pic Nigel plays the part of the interviewer and music journalist.

Nigel’s first book, Introducing Fractal Geometry was published by Icon Books in the USA and the UK in January 2001.

In 2002 Nigel completed a film called Mandelbrot’s World of Fractals, which he directed, produced and presented for the National Science Foundation in the USA.

Nigel’s second book, The Colours of Infinity, based on the film, was published in 2004.

The short comedy The Mysterious Michael A, starring Nicholas Jones and Joanna Bowen, was written, directed and produced by Nigel in 2005. This film has been shown at over 20 film festivals worldwide thus far and has been very well received.

Nigel directed the acclaimed documentary Brixton Beach in 2006.

In 2007 a compilation of three of Nigel’s science documentaries and featuring a fractal chill-out film with David Gilmour’s music, was released on DVD.

He has just completed a pop video for Pierre Lewis’ new single Rebel with a Cause, which he wrote, produced and directed for MTV.


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